18 definitions by arielle

someone who is manufactured, fake, and or lies alot.
you are such an escalade
by arielle May 08, 2004
one who has angry rages for no reason. A person that just dosnt understand what the hell they are talking about
wow... could you not be so goddamn stormy? You are the stormiest person i have ever met.
by arielle May 08, 2004
Originally used to define homosexuals. Now used loosely as an insult to something weird/stupid/fucked up
1.Dude, Elton John is flaming queer
2.This assignment is so queer
by Arielle February 06, 2005
a female who won't do anything in bed, but will tease the male to an extent
She's such a hussy.
by arielle August 01, 2003

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