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to frizzle is to go to robinson's may and try on old lady clothes and take emo picture at the spectrum with two bodatious hot girls named Nikki and Ari. and also to be Emo acording to Frizzle himself.

oxoxox Ari
Let's go Frizzle at the Spectrum!
by Ari April 12, 2005
What said when sucking the extremely large penis of the Ari writing this
Sexy Lady: Oh Ari Ari i love your huge penis, (said half muffled with her mouth sucking off Ari)
by Ari December 14, 2003
Aka... Loose Caboose
Damn, that bitch has an lc.
by Ari October 15, 2004
A nickname for Neta
Hey vagicil, get over here.
by Ari February 10, 2003
1. the actual act of fucking your maternal figure
2. My whole life revolves around it
1. Mom: Quick get out of bed, hurry Dad's coming back.
2. hehehehe, that was some good shit (lick the cum off my mouth)
by Ari December 14, 2003
an exclamation used to indicate success, acceptance, or general approval
"...but when I look at him, he's transformed into someone I love. And I'm transformed into someone who loves him. CA$H MONEEEEEEEEEEY!"
-A Beautiful Mind

"Essence? OMG C4$H M0N3Y H4X!"
by Ari May 25, 2003
What Gaby should be.
"Can dogs take over the world? Do they have a brain? If they do, how big is it? Can they pee? OMG!" Yeah, Gaby should be a blonde <3
by Ari April 17, 2005

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