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Breast enhancing drug made by hippies to screw up the world we live in. Damn those crazy hippies.
That bloussant made my breasts bigger. (Also nickname for nitzan)
by Ari February 10, 2003
An adjective that describes something by neta's standards.
I need some netalicious foodstuffs.
by Ari February 09, 2003
The best gum ever created by Israelis. It is the best stuff to chew. It is only known about by really really cool jewish people. It's addictive.
That Apple Orbit is the shizie yo. I would bust a cap in someone's ass for some.
by Ari March 06, 2003
How the Drumline aka Dumbline in our marching band affectionately refers to the colorguard.
Dumbline:Stupid ass tartguard
Tartguard: Shut the fuck up dumbline!
by Ari March 07, 2005
bling or jewlery; anything that u can floss
Another word for bling cuz bling is played out; "I bling in my white tee, choose gleam"Dem Franchize Boyz
by Ari September 22, 2004
Much like the cream known as vagicil, but for asses. AKA Sagee's nickname. Creamy goodness.
That assicil feels great.
by Ari February 10, 2003
a large amount of acne on a persons back.
Emma, you have backne!
by Ari November 19, 2002
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