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the name given to a car exhaust system, or a simple cover for an exhaust which the buyer thinks will boost the amount of horsepower, but it really just boosts the abnoxious level of the driver. The tip makes the car sound like it was pumped with beans instead of gasoline.
Man, look at the sweet fart tip on that guy's honda civic. BAAAAAAMM!
by Ari April 12, 2005
Valuable gold necklace.
That bitch tried to snatch my Dang Blang Hang Thang!
by Ari April 28, 2003
something thats alot of fun....
that bike has alot of funnage to it.
by ari February 24, 2005
It means deal.
Like what the dill-o? whats the deal.
by Ari May 06, 2003
a word with no real definition
to get people to reveal their "honesty"
ask your friend" dude dont they look percafetory?" and if he says "yes" you will know hes a liar
by ari September 21, 2003
to be crazy cool.
the awesomest kid alive.
ian is a mad rad kid
by ari September 18, 2003
how the colorguard refers to the drumline.
Sometimes i hate the dumbline!

by Ari March 07, 2005
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