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4 definitions by argetlam42

Noun: Epic sauce is the very essence of epicness. It epitomizes the highest degree of achievement most people can expect to achieve. A synonym for epic sauce is leet sauce; however, epic sauce much more preferable than leet sauce.
Mercrutio: "I think Transformers was a pretty epic sauce movie."

François: "Are you kidding me? Superbad was an epic sauce movie. Transformers was only a leet sauce movie."

Mercrutio: "OMG François you're right again."
by Argetlam42 January 13, 2009
52 11
The nickname of an epic-sauce dude. Only the most epic of people get this name. Anyone nicknamed Seeboy is automatically elevated several tiers above his colleagues.
Gregorio: "What's that guy's name?"

François: "We call him Seeboy. That's all you need to know."

Gregorio: "OMG he is so epic-sauce."
by Argetlam42 January 13, 2009
2 1
The phrase "noms and love" is the new "peaches and cream," or "hugs and kisses." Dripping with sappiness.
There was no plot to that chick flick. It was all just noms and love about how Mary loved Billy.
by argetlam42 August 18, 2009
1 2
An acronym for "you have just completely misunderstood my intentions, and I am simply allowing you to do so in order to entertain myself at your ignorance."
Dmitri: "Your gf is pretty generous, mind if I go ask a favor?"

Lagoyavitch: "Sure, we've been going steady for a year."

Dmitri: "JCJ"

Lagoyavitch: "What?"

Dmitri: "Never mind, seeya."
by Argetlam42 January 14, 2009
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