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A candy raver is the type of raver who wears birghtly coloured clothes, loves to hug everybody and has a lot of multi coloured beaded bracelets, usually made themselves and commonly known as candy. Candy ravers live by the philosophy PLUR- Peace, Love, Respect and Unity. Often they share their bracelets with people, give new found raver friends toys or real candy and generally try to be as positive and friendly as possible to everybody at a rave. They like to dance! They often carry childrens back packs, are covered in glitter or stickers, wear brgiht makeup, carry toys and wear clothes influenced by cartoons- tshirts with Scooby Doo, Care bears or Rainbow Brite on for example. They're friendly and fun, but a lot of people give them hate for no reason.
N00b: Hi, this is my first rave.
Candy Raver: OMG YAY! Have some bracelets! Come dance! What music do you like? -bounces up and down-
by archimetria August 12, 2006
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