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A state of relative nothingness, boredom, frustration, or just general existence for which there is no adequate substitute. Merbling can be an action, as well as an adjective, or a general conversation filler, as well as noun (merbler). There are many forms of merble, but all involve similar, unexciting emotions.
"Man, about ten minutes into that 3-hour lecture, I was merbling hard, it only got worse from there"

"Dude, your 30 minutes late!" "Merble!"

"I went on a date with that girl, but she was too much of a merbler, so I bailed."
by arbjay November 26, 2012
A polish person, usually Jewish, who is always losing his pencils .
Man that guy is such a gay Mashovic!
I had to give my pencil to Mashovic in English.
Mashovic is a flameshow!
by Arbjay May 29, 2008

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