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butt lovers. ass-man, man who is turned on with peek booty. nice ass.
Batman's original name is Buttman.
by ArahVictoria December 28, 2005
love solely based on lusts, or physical attraction.
That affair is caused by an everlusting love.
by ArahVictoria January 03, 2006
(from the word boobs and superman)Man portraying a hero but has his weakness on women's boobs, gets turned on and horny when he sees a pair of boobs
One thing Lois Lane doesn't know about Superman is that he is a booberman.
by ArahVictoria December 28, 2005
Shameful attitude of a spoiled brat. Childish. one who gives so much pain in the neck. annoyingly stupid. normal person who doesn't act according to his/her age. a miserable bitch.
That cracker is a brattarded!
by ArahVictoria December 28, 2005
one who doesnt walk what he talks.
a politician is the perfect example of a saliva man.
by ArahVictoria December 29, 2005
one who devotes time shopping for relationship- fling, casual sex, non-committal-come-and-go type of acquaintance. Never to stay with one person, shop till he/she drop.
I am in a mood for relationshop, everyone is welcome. drop me a line if you are game.
by ArahVictoria December 22, 2005
catastrophe that happens to ass and breasts as it becomes saggy. so unpleasant to look at. a real turn off.
grannies are real titasstrophe
by ArahVictoria February 10, 2006

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