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The obnoxious sort of person that peeps over your shoulder when you are working on a paper or sitting at the computer.
"God, I can't stand my co-worker, Lethareau... He is SUCH a shoulder creeper."

"I walked past Bob when he was on the internet, and I totally shoulder creeped to see if he was looking at porn... again!"
by aquinashaniqua February 26, 2009
Acronym for "Man Tank Top". Identical to the wife-beater which should only be worn by females. The kind of "man" that wears this is typically cocky and think they have a jesus-like physique.

Also can be used as nickname for said type of males.

"LOL did you see Grant wearing a MTT on friday?!"

"MTT strikes again!"
by aquinashaniqua February 26, 2009

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