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12 definitions by aquila

a Japanese band(now broken up) that played a mix of classical and rock. Consisted of Kami on drums(Died after Gackt left),Mana on synthazizer/guitar,Yu~ki on bass, and Kozi on synth/guitar.Also went though 3 different vocalists(Tetsu,who got kicked out,Gackt,who went solo,and Klaha was the last vocalist.) Known alot for their unsusual attire. All are men. Some people conider Malice Mizer "Jgoth"
some songs by Malice Mizer:Beast of Blood,Bel Air,Au Revior
by Aquila December 20, 2003
188 22
the Villian in Final Fantasy 6 for SNES. In some opinions,the best villian. there is even a "cult" to him in the real world. Weilds Light of Judgement,a VERY Powerful spell. Dresses Sort of like a Clown. Sadistic,Psychotic,and hates everybody. Can sometimes act immature.
"I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE you!"
by Aquila December 20, 2003
151 35
An exclamation of surprise, alarm, or anger.
"Do you remember that one scene in 'The Sixth Sense?' Gaah--It was scary!"
by Aquila April 03, 2003
73 13
Weilder of Black Magic. Usually used in the Final Fantasy series. Have pointy yellow-ish hats,blue robes/coats,a black void thing for a face,striped pants,and glowy yellow eyes.can range from nice to EVIL.
Evil:BM of 8-bit theater,the waltzes.
Common Black Mage Spells:Fira,Doomsday,Water,thundaga
by Aquila December 20, 2003
67 22
1.) Exclamation of frustration or anger, often severe anger.

2.) Can also be used in a mocking way, as in "Get away from me!" In this manner, it is often accompanied by teasing "claw" hand gestures.

(Adapted from Mutant Enemy logo.)
1.) I *TOLD* my roommate to vacuum, and she *didn't* *Grr! Argh!*"

2.) "No more goofing around, I *have* to study--Go! Grr! Argh!"

by Aquila April 03, 2003
38 13
Negative. "Jank" Crappy, shitty, stupid, etc.
"Get that Jank-ass shit outta here!"
"Take yourself and your jank bot outta this room."
by Aquila December 20, 2003
330 320
The state of being loyal, even fiercely so, to the state in which you reside.
This may even surpass one's love of nation in favor of one's love of state.

The noun forms are statriot and statriotism.
New Yorkers are especially statriotic among citizens of the U.S.
by Aquila January 14, 2005
4 3