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21 definitions by aquatraveller

How black people say Whole Foods, an upscale organic grocery store.

or a place where whores buy groceries.
Shalequa: Toenella, do you buy groceries at Ho Foods?

Toenella: Bitch, please! Look at my fat ass. Does it look like I eat organic flax butter?
by aquatraveller June 26, 2009
An extremely fobby asian guy.
An asian man with no sense of western fashion or social customs, and speaks with very limted English (if any at all), with a very heavy Asian accent. Usually works in the I.T. industry.
"Look at Sir Chink a Lot over there wearing the high water pants and the SAP software conference sweatshirt."
by aquatraveller January 15, 2009
A cocktail popular in Massachusetts and Washington, DC. A cousin to the Rose Kennedy, this drink consists of Vodka, tonic, a splash of cranberry and garnished with a lemon wedge. Named in honor of Ethel Skakel Kennedy, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy.
If you go to a bar in washington, DC make sure you order an Ethel Kennedy. If you are on a diet, then order a Rose Kennedy
by aquatraveller April 08, 2009
A Pinkberry frozen yogurt location with a very high ratio of Asian clientele.
The Pinkberry on 32nd street in the Koreatown neighborhood of Manhattan is totally a Chinkberry.
by aquatraveller July 01, 2009
pronounced "cray zee en"

A fobby crazy asian man who goes on a shooting rampage.

see: Jiverly Voong, the Vietnamese Binghamton shooter
Chai Vang, the Hmong Minnesota shooter
Seung-Hui Cho, the Korean Virginia Tech shooter
Sally: Did you hear about the horrible massacre in Binghamton, NY?

Jeff: Yeah, it looks like the work of another crAZN.
by aquatraveller April 04, 2009
an interracial relationship consisting of one partner of east or southeast Asian descent and an extremely white caucasion person. A rice and potato couple usually consists of one extremely fobby Asian and a dweeby white person.
Hung Lo and Edgar are the typical gay rice and potatoes couple. They eat dumplings with mayonnaise.
by aquatraveller January 07, 2009
The Mexicans of The East. They look more Mexican than Asian. They are lazy like Mexicans. They sound like Mexicans when they talk. Their country is rife with corruption like Mexico. Their food gives you diarrhea like Mexican food. The women dress like little hoochie Mexican putas. Filipinos are Mexican
Filipinos, Mexicans, what's the difference?
by aquatraveller July 29, 2009