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21 definitions by aquatraveller

A gay male (usually caucasian) who is exclusive attracted to Korean men.
Matt is such a Kimchee Queen! He hangs out at The Super H Mart just to scope out guys.
by aquatraveller January 07, 2009
91 13
A martini chased with a percoset, valium, or some other prescription painkiller.
Named after Liza Minnelli, because she is notorious for being a big boozer and addicted to prescription painkillers.
"That Lizatini I had last night really knocked me off my ass! I slept 15 hours straight."
by aquatraveller January 11, 2009
85 8
An asian from the San Francisco Bay area.
Silicon Valley is full of Baysians
by Aquatraveller December 25, 2008
81 4
The state of being shit-faced drunk.

coined by Johnny Tacoma
"I had one too many vodka tonics at happy hour, now 'My Coochie be Stankin'"
by aquatraveller January 10, 2009
68 5
an interracial relationship consisting of an asian(especially a Chinese) and a Guido Italian.
Ming Qua and Luigi are your typical rice a roni couple. One day they have Lo mein and the next fettucine.
by aquatraveller January 07, 2009
70 8
gay slang for Show Tunes.
"OMG Mark, you have the original cast album of Company, you are the king of shtunes!"
by aquatraveller January 14, 2009
66 9
slang for Australian Pussy, or for simply an Australian woman.
"See the hot Australian girl over there eating the Vegemite sandwich? I'd love to taste her Kangaroo Cunt."

"Kylie Minogue is one hot Kangaroo Cunt."
by aquatraveller January 14, 2009
55 7