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The term"Scott Spots" derived from Overland Park KS, where at Accelerated Schools two students Scott and Alexis grew quite close to each other. Alexis gave Scott many many hand jobs in many many places, School, field trips, and everywhere else. At Accelerated Schools, the students ride to school in a rather large size van, about the size of a limo (but not a limo). When Scott was given these hand jobs he Ejaculated all over the car seats in said vans. 3 years later these spots can still be noticed and are forever known as "Scott Spots".
Billy: Dude! Jenny gave me a hand job!
Joe:NO WAY!!!!
Billy:Yeah I left Scott Spots all over her couch
Joe:Whats a Scott Spot?
Billy:It's When you ejaculate when given a hand job and you stain nearby objects!
by aqswde February 13, 2008

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