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34 definitions by april

Weehop is a word used when you are bored online.
People randomly say this word when they say "hello" or just say it out of nowhere
xoxocutie192: Hey therrr
Groovy761: hey
....time passes....
Groovy761:...Weehop :)
by April January 14, 2005
1 16
someone you kiss and/or have sex with, whome you have never met before
' whod you hook up with last night? '
'Just some random'
by April August 03, 2004
109 125
crush; A guy/girl that you are crushing on, but you don't want to like that person. So you want to have the fub ended right away.
Tyson is Tori's fub, but he is a preppy jock who is an A**-hole.
by April March 18, 2004
10 30
calm down
Gel bruv no need 2 get angry
by April May 24, 2004
10 31
Young girls that have three ways with couples (woman and a man)
Hubbie and I are still looking for our Unicorn..
by april February 16, 2004
19 42
1.)One of April's favorite bands.
1.)Fuck everyone elses opinion, I like Papa Roach, and that's all that matters. Don't make me go April on you...
by April December 22, 2004
60 88
1.) Verb. The act of potching. Past tense: poched.
2.) Noun. Poop.
1.) "Your dog just potched all over our backyard. I hope you're going to clean it up!"

2.) "I don't want to have to clean up all the potch that's sitting in my little brother's diaper."
by April June 12, 2003
6 40