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a thing or someone who cannot tell a pigeon from a donkey.
A true idiot
OMG yu are such a phasm!
by applw October 09, 2009
a cross between a chimpanzee, kangaroo and a leek
also someone who epically fails
Joe:*pushes an automatic door*

Fred:your such a chimpanzooleek!
by applw October 16, 2009
Someone who asks a tomb stone for directions, otherwise known as Oachocacklomous. from the derieved word Oach2 meaning total retard. and lomous meaning idiot from latin 3 another example would be someone who pulls an automatic door and sits and crys on the floor as he watches the people inside.
Mick: I can't read the words on that sign!

Steve: its a giraffe!

Mick: Oh...Im such a Hairy BeefCake!
Steve: Yes! Did you know its otherwise known as Hairy BeefCake (Oachocacklomous)
by applw October 16, 2009

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