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People from the Northern part of the United States, who are sometimes also referred to as "northerners". Contrary to the popular belief, when you get to know a yankee most are not judgemental, rude, or arrogant as most Southerners steriotypically veiw them. Like any other person, once you get to know them they can be very kind and open minded.

Of course there are some ignorant yankees who believe steriiotypes about Southerners and believe that they are better than them in some way. But every region has it's dumbasses. Give us a break.
Southerner: Hey yankee.
Yankee: Hey there person from the southern United States.
Southerner: Aren't you gonna call me a redneck or something? You guys are all the same...always judging us kind southern folk.
Yankee: Actually no, I wasn't. I don't even know you, so how could I call you a redneck. Oh and by the way. Don't assume I'm a judgemental and rude if you don't want me to assume that you're a redneck. That's pretty hypecritical, don'tcha think?
Southerner: That's so true, Yankee. We should be friends and put our differences aside. I mean after all, we're both from America anyway.

Yankee: That is so true southern citizen! Let's be BFFs for life!
Southerner: Yeah!
by applesarrow August 19, 2009
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