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the game that bored people play on msn; i.e. you have a normal conversation, someone puts a :D or :) once, and then the other person puts a :D or :); whoever puts a (sn) first, wins.
Apple: Hello
Helen: Hello, want to play the happy snail game?
Apple: Okay!
Helen: How are you?
Apple: I'm fine.. :D
Helen: Me too :D
Helen: (sn)
*few seconds later*
Apple: (sn)
Apple: Dammit! You *ALWAYS* win this game..
by apple <3 November 20, 2005
a person who listens to 'individual music' i.e. indie that is reasonably stupid/idiotic
INDIE DONNIE: how many emos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
EMO HARRY: i dont know..
INDIE DONNIE: none, they just sit in the dark and cry *dies with laughter*
EMO HARRY: *sigh* you indiot
by apple <3 November 20, 2005

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