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greatest band ever....slightly mainstream, but low-key enough that only 1 in 20 people will have heard the name, and only 1 in 150 will probably know any of the music.
vocalist/guitarist John Rzeznik fronts the band, with amazing lyrics and wonderful, inspirational, sentimental, and completely unique songs.
bassist robby takac sometimes writes songs and lyrics, but are usually never half as good as Rzeznik's.
drummer rotates every once in awhile (don't get too attached)
most famous song, "Iris," appeared in the film City of Angels
best albums to date are Dizzy Up the Girl, Gutterflower, and Live in Buffalo
superfans tend to be completely oblivious of anything else when the goo goo dolls are mentioned, and are way in love with Goo's music and spirit.

some semi-well-known songs (besides Iris):
I'm Still Here (from Treasure Planet soundtrack)
Here is Gone

my personal favorite song of theirs at the moment is Name.
fuck, the Goo Goo Dolls are the shit. Goo has some intense emotion piled up in their music.
by Apple May 02, 2005
A variant of son of a bitch, used mostly by white male Southern Americans over the age of fourty, in the process of getting killed during a War event on the popular Korean game Ragnarok Online.
Sombitch is usually is pronounced in an ear splitting pitch that can be heard across the trailer park.
by apple April 25, 2005
1) A divinity presiding over forests and trees; tree-like; a wood nymph.
2) Behavior characteristic of a designated personality belonging to a tree (behavior variable on tree class chosen).
3) A person who carries a strong motherly instinct; protective.
1) Eurydice, the beautiful and dryadic ill-fated wife of Orpheus.
2) I tire of your subbornly dryadic attitude, you damn obstinate oak.
3) She was rather well known for her dryadic methods, constantly keeping an eagle eye on who or what mattered to her.
by apple January 27, 2004
An awesome poster at homestarrules.com
Mavhunter creates comics.
by Apple September 01, 2003
a term used to describe an extremely good or bad thing.
good: england winning the world cup smacked it.

bad: this lecture smacks it
by apple December 03, 2003

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