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Proper noun, exclamation

1. B'DAM is a corporation that was founded in late 2010 by Brian, David, Alyssa, and Madeleine. Together, their initials make B'DAM. The company has expanded over the years, having successfully implemented ventures in adult entertainment, architecture, recycling programs, personal betterment, strip clubs, massage parlors, lingerie stores, and more (as listed in the monthly B'DAM Catalogue). Its official trademark is: "If you feel it, let it happen."
2. Alternate spelling: BJ'DAM. Josh, an appendage to the original Four Founders, is featured in this spelling.
3. B'DAM has become so interlaced in pop culture that the name is now used as an exclamation, replacing the simple "damn."
4. Generous benefactors of B'DAM include: Sluts and Spending Cuts PAC, Church of Latter-Day Saints, MegaViiiibes, the general San Fernando Valley, and BSpears
Barbara: Damn, that was a good Silent Spring book report! Just damn!
Tyrone: I believe you mean B'DAM, Barbz. And thanks, I copy and pasted it from Rachel Carson's website.

High school kid 1: How can I become a sexy freak?
High school kid 2: I heard you need to contact B'DAM. I heard all the boys wanna go down when B'DAM is in town ;)
by apesfreak February 23, 2013

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