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Not, as everyone seems to think, a preppy place for good looking morons with rich parents. Nope. Rye is a somewhat wealthy in Westchester that actually has very many middle class citizens. However, there are several people that fit the description given ( preppy douche bags, drunk assholes, parents that over spoil their kids, etc.) that ruin the image of an otherwise respectable town. Also, not an overwhelming number of "Aryan" kids here.
"Did you see that retarded preppy rye kid just now?"

"Yeah, they're everywhere, there are so many of them!"

"No there aren't, it's the same few all the time. The rest of Rye is alright. Didn't you notice?"

"Hey, you're right! Maybe I'll leave most of Rye alone and pick on the few losers who make the town seem stupid and rich!"
by aperson12121 September 20, 2007
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