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that small round trackball on your phone that you can rotate to do stuff on its screen. usually located on blackberries, android phones etc...
Mike: how do i see more of your todo list on your phone.
Tony: just use the phone nipple to scroll.
by aperritano June 05, 2010
When someone presents you with food or a food like substance that looks or smells gnarly and asks you to eat it. Usually the food is something that is commonly eaten and maybe particular to a certain culture.
Bjørge: Hey, do you want to try some Rakfisk?

Tony: whats that?

Bjørge: Its a fish that has been slowly fermented (rotten). Its our national dish in Norway.

Tony: Thanks, I will pass.

Bjørge: How about some sheep head? Its a traditional dish.

Tony: Dude, Norwegian food is such a food dare!
by aperritano February 07, 2011
The act of feeling grouchy,irritated and ill-tempered after travel. Usually after traveling a long distance, sitting in the same position and breathing air conditioned recycled air.
bjørge: dude, what are you pissed off about?
Tony: Nothing, i am just Travel Cranky after that eight hour bus ride to cambodia.
by aperritano February 05, 2011
when you are out in a group at a bar or restaurant and there is a shared bill and no one has change(usually for a twenty) or the correct amount for their portion of the tab . Thus follows a complex series of illogical but correct money swaps to come out with the correct amount for the bill plus tip.
Lets settle the bill. I think we need some table math. You give me a twenty, i will put in fifteen and cover you five on your tab and then you give him a ten. That should make us even.
by aperritano July 07, 2009
a quiet setting with just a little noise. like when working and having the radio, tv or misc type background noises in the background. more than total silence and less than alot of noise.
bjørge: are you working tonight, do you need the place to be quiet?. i want to play my phil collins records.
Tony: Thats fine, i like it noisy quiet when i work.
by aperritano May 22, 2010

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