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In the context of restaurants , campers are people who socialize at a table or group of tables as their objective, rather than ordering food. Campers will typically order coffee or other beverages and one or two of a party might order a real meal, however their stay will often be two or more hours. Typically 24-hour restaurants like Denny's will be the most common location to find campers, often a group of "regulars". Some waitstaff hate campers because they occupy a table for long periods of time, preventing other customers from being seated there - but other waitstaff recognize that a steady group of campers can represent a steady flow of business, and upon building rapport with the regulars can reap handsome gratuities, as well.
(waitress #1) "I have a bunch of campers at table 7 who have been there 3 hours"
(waiter #2) "Relax, just seat these old folk who just walked in at table 6 and the problem will take care of itself"
by apanthropy December 05, 2006
blackahol is any kind of liquor stereotypically consumed by urban ghetto type folks, often promoted by black rap artists. Examples would be the "fotey" (forty-ounce bottles of beer), malt liquor, thunderbird, and sometimes liquors like hennessy and couvosier.. or however that's spelled.
The term doesn't have to be derogatory nor does it necessarily refer to cheap, or poor quality liquor. Any liquor or beer popularly mentioned in rap lyrics can be considered Blackahol.
(white guy #1) "Nigga whatchu want on this beer run?"
(white guy #2) "sucka you know I ain't picky, just get me some blackahol and I'm straight"
(white guy #1) "werd"
"what are you drinking?"
"man, i'm sippin on some blackahol up in heah!"
by apanthropy November 30, 2006

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