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to bleed: is to inflict a wound deep enough to extract blood.
PAPER-CUTS!!! they hurt!! >=(
by Aotearoas_angel February 25, 2004
uhm, Shaymis says its a word. its a word.
-stares @ you hornily-
by aotearoas_angel December 26, 2004
A scab who asks for food all the time,
someone annoying who has unbroken behavioral patterns >=(
Jenny: "oi! can i have a chip?"
Me: "Fnck off you rangi!"
by Aotearoas_angel February 25, 2004
Someone who's parents decided to inflict phsycological harm to their unborn child by passing on the ginger gene. Also known as a ginger, ginger ninja, morange
"OMG look at that morange!"
by Aotearoas_angel February 25, 2004
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