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2 definitions by anyelle

Apparently it stands for "U Know Who U R" ("you know who you are"). Used in teenage girls' AIM profiles.
i waNna givee a *!shout out!* to allll my girlss who have alwaiis been ~there~ fOr me thru goOd tymes and badd....*ukwur*
by anyelle September 17, 2005
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As said by the previous poster: shorter, cooler version of whatever.
Used when people pretend they don't care enough about what they're saying to add the extra syllable. Or, they're not really serious about the negative connotations that go along with "WHATEVER."
Also see whatevs.
Ah I look bad today, but whatev.

Person 1: You forgot to dot your i's!
Person 2: Hehe, whatev!
by anyelle June 08, 2005
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