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Crabstickz (Chris Kendall) is a British youtuber who is known for his hilarious comedy sketches and fun personality. His videos involve parodies where he creates characters (such as Enrique Alfalfa) and ones where he just talks to the camera.

He also has a second channel; crabstickz2
He joined Youtube in 2008 and has been making videos ever since. Crabstickz is also good friends with KickThePJ, where they jokingly encourage the fiction pairing 'kickthestickz'
Crabstickz has also made videos alongside other youtubers; danisnotonfire, PJ and amazingphil. They're known as 'the fantastic foursome'

Unfortunately, most of the teenage fanbase for the foursome are shallow fan girls that rate their channels by appearance and looks, rather than actual talent and comedy.
This has caused crabstickz to be hesitant of uploading new videos, as he went through a phase of not enjoying making videos and even considered quitting because YouTube had 'changed'.
What he needs to realise is that he should ignore the pathetic 15 year olds who only care about who's the 'hottest' and should do what he enjoys, even if its just talking to the camera. Because not all of his subscribers are creepy fangirls (similar to his impersonation of a typical fangirl 'Becca Hodgekins') & we just want to see him!
Fangirl: Crabstickz is the least attractive in the fantastic foursome lol!!11!1!1!! But he still makez my ovaries explode l0l

Girl 2: Why do you rate them by appearance? What has youtube become!? Crabstickz has the best personality by far, he is funny, honest and very attractive.

Please stop ruining YouTube shallow fangirls.
by anyaaa September 02, 2013
a derrrriciousss form of rice! usually small, round ricelets that are yelllow and accompanied by some dericious vegetable.
ayyo that koos koos waz so beautifullly delicious i rolled around in it for a while.
by Anyaaa January 15, 2008

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