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okay. let me start off by saying peOple are really special sometimes. to think that mere bracelets mean you have to have sex is simply stupid. before plainly showing a little underwear was a big deal and now people are saying were wearing sex toys. it is what you make it mean but are we really that stupid these days that we make bracelets mean anything other then a fashion statement?...let alone show that we're sluts.?...in my area we like to joke about them but we wouldnt really do anything and i mean adults buy themfor their children to match their outfits and do you actually think little kids are going to go behind the school and start sexual intercourse.? okay i undestand some people where to lay the sex game but sex in my mind is still something private and something you do on your own time with your free will not something that a little bracelet mean that you get for like 10 cents..is your virginity really only worth that much these days?...but i wont be hypocritical i do joke around about them sometimes but to ban them from schools is just strange. but then again there are some really strange people these days that might actually see them that way. whatever i think it's all your and your "partners" should i say choice they are what you make them mean.
Jake:look cindy i broke your black bracelet...you know what that means...
Cindy:OoPs i guess soOo...
Jake: so sexy what the time and place
Cindy: meet me tonight at 8 =)

Jake:look cindy i broke your black bracelet you...you know what that means..
Cindy. OoPs i guess you did...i cant wait tillyou make it up to me ((exageration)) in her voice
Jake: so give me a time and place sexy =)
Cindy: haha you loser, you know im just playin wit you
jake:umm..yeh its not like i was serious either =/
by anyOne agree!? May 13, 2005

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