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as people have already pointed out, this can't really exist because it's an oxymoron, although there are some bands that have been labelled as pop punk.
a real pop punk band is the Buzzcocks.
all the other modern day bands like good charlotte and sum41 and avril lavigne are shite. get over it.
girl1: i'm so cool cos i listen to pop punk bands like GC
girl2: ever heard of the buzzcocks?
girl1: WHAT?
girl2: (slaps girl1)
by anus mcgee February 01, 2007
1. Verb

To accidentally block someone's path when walking in a group, by unintentionally drifting in front of them.

2. Noun

A person who commits the act of rorying
Man, rory is such a rory!
I know the other day he kept on rorying me!
by Anus McGee August 19, 2013

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