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3 definitions by anum

japanese electronic musician that started the band p-model in 1979. creates one of the greatest music on earth! soothing, electronica.
songs like love song, high-minded castle and ride the blue limbo
by anum December 27, 2003
a japanese band, pretty popular in the visual-kei (visual-style) genre. have lots of fans in harajuku (a 'culture-shock' district in capital city, tokyo) the band name was created from three words from three different languages. kyo, lead singer, twists various emotions into different songs, and all the band members are famous for sporting a rather transgendered feminine look (or bishounen, other words, 'pretty boy')
DEG? that is dir en grey!
by Anum January 31, 2004
1.city in spain
2.a football club
3.an american band from washington d.c. that plays synth-indie pop music with boy/girl vocals
barcelona, our favourite barcelona!
by anum December 27, 2003