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A person whose life is extremely oriented around grades and who would therefore do anything to get good grades. Someone who cares excessively about grades and therefore does not have a social life. Also known as a grade-grubber. In some cases, a teacher's ideal student. Usually a social outcast/misfit.
"Anu told me that she would even run around the school in a bathing suit on a winter's day for extra credit. Grade-whore!"

"Ugh, I know my teacher marked me wrong on this question. I'm going to go argue for my 1 point."
"Why? You got a 97% on that test, don't be such a grade-whore."

"He couldn't make the party because he was too busy studying for his Calculus test. Grade-whore."
by anu_dew2000 January 26, 2008
An intensely large, overbearing, and excessive amount of something. This may be something dreaded, considering that the word 'hell' is embedded in the word itself. Similar to crapload, shitload, motherload, etc. A load from hell.
Oh man, I have a hellload of Spanish homework to do tonight...looks like I'm going to be pulling an all-nighter. T_T

This is a hellload of food, I knew I should've just gotten a happy-meal.

You had better wash that hellload of dirty laundry!
by anu_dew2000 January 02, 2008
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