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a morbid or death-obsessed person
by Anton September 30, 2003
Birmingham (UK) slang for a fat person. To be ramming. One who rams.
A rammer.

Oh God, look at that bird over there. She's and absolute rammer!
by Anton June 11, 2003
One who eats fast foods. A typical dogfood stuffs him/herself with dog food sold in Mc Donalds, Burger King, or any chain food outlet. An American.
A couple of dogfoods were sitting on a bench drinking their favorite piss they call beer.
by Anton July 07, 2004
A realy fat chode.
Chris Santosusso is a walking chob.
by Anton June 11, 2003
a dork
he dude is a biscuit head
by Anton September 12, 2003
Some stoned guy who doesnt go to college
I cba going to college I'll just roll another joint
by Anton January 23, 2003
sucking cum from others arse
my friend argies favourite activity with his boyfriend after he hs shot his load he sucks it from his arse with a straw
by anton March 07, 2005

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