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The color of the eastern sky just before sunrise. Coined by wordFrank Sinatraword, who certainly saw enough of it.
"Look at the colors!" he would say, pointing bleary comrades toward thousands of sunrises. "What kind of blue would you call that?" He called the tint of sky that offered him most peace Five O'Clock Vegas Blue. "You have to see it to know it." (from The Way You Wear Your Hat, by Bill Zehme)
by Anton September 05, 2003
Best thing that can happen to you, especially if the girl is hot. It's simply having sex with a friend
I have a bootie call, she is hot! I'll be over tonight!
by anton June 17, 2006
(noun) wife, or less commonly, girlfriend.
"The Lovely and Talented and I went to Palm for the weekend."
by Anton September 10, 2003
In translation from russian desrcribes either surprise, dismissvnes, or admiration
Noo da! Priam taki.
by anton May 05, 2004
A last name of one of the greatest person of all time, Anton Karpus
Anton Karpus is the sickest MC of all time.
by Anton December 17, 2003
Dick Cheese
Clean off that podzalupnaya perhat
by Anton January 29, 2003
When participating in any team sport, when two teammates both look at a ball that lands between them, thinking the other will play it. Most common in volleyball and tennis (even at the highest professional levels).
"Youngs with the set, McPeak with the spike! And Masakayan and Hanley are husband and wife!"
by Anton September 04, 2003

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