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before banging your girlfriends fish muffin you trim your pubes and ass hair but keep it in your hand as you rip her a new one. as your about to explode grab her head and put her face next to your twig and berries. let that sucker go and get the man-goo above her upper lip in your preferred mustache form (fu-man-chu, handlebar, etc). then as quickly as possible flick her saddle bags to catch her off guard and sprinkle your thicket of pubes on her jizz lip. and wha-la! a norweigan mustache
guy 1: god man my balls itch really bad!
guy2: that sucks. why?
guy 1: oh i gave my girl a norweigan mustache last night
guy 2: you should try a hot carl next time
by antoine dodson is gay October 08, 2010

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