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a planned out community, otherwise known as "the bubble" they say its so safe, to keep bad people out.. but it is really to keep people in. everything to do for fun is outside of peachtree city. since there is nothing to do, everyone just smokes weed and brags about it in school. there isn't much to do for teenagers other than ride to nowhere on a golfcart. the closest indoor mall is about an hour away, along with every other decent place to go. you can't get to the closest movie theatre by golf cart, so unless you have a car, you better get used to getting a ride from your parents until your old enough. there are some cool people here, considering many people from differenent places move here, but overall there are many fakes. they think they can make up for being like that by being obsessed with god. the cops here are also complete assholes, willing to give you a ticket, if they don't like your apperance. there so stuck up. along with many people here, especially the people in richer neighborhoods such as kendron.
person one: hey what do you want to do today?
person two: idk what do you want to do?
person one: idk theres nothing to do really..i guess i'll just pick you up on my gcart and get some weed along the way
person two: sounds good.. -sighs- darn peachtree city
by antipeachtree November 28, 2011
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