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The entirety of creation that relates to one specific, narcissistic individual. Used to indicate that a particular person has knowledge only of him or herself -- their universe consists only of them.
If you moved outside of your youniverse for five seconds you'd understand that people aren't homeless out of choice.
by antimorph May 09, 2007
A variant of a scale of one to dead used to judge situations where a minor mistake has occurred that could nevertheless cause the deaths of all involved. Commonly used in space stations, submarines, nuclear power stations and anywhere else that requires a rapid response to minor errors if everyone isn't going to die.
Nuclear Physicist: Fortunately, we managed to contain the situation before it could deteriorate further.
Reporter: Just how bad is it, on a scale of one to OMG we're all gonna die?
Nuclear Physicist: I doubt it's more than a five. Can we finish this conversation in the bunker?
by antimorph June 09, 2007
A scale used to judge the screwed-upness of a situation, where a value of '1' indicates that a situation is only slightly screwed up, whilst a value of 'dead' indicates that the situation is extremely screwed up and nothing can be done about it. Unlike the more commonly used scale of one to ten, a scale of one to dead implies that the situation has already been screwed up and all that can be done now is to limit the damage. The scale is thus used to determine exactly how much damage control is possible, and if a more sensible option wouldn't be to just avoid the whole thing. Often used in connection with exams, tests and sexual health clinics. Variations include "a scale of one to fucked", and "a scale of one to OMG we're all gonna die".
Girl1: I haven't revised for this exam at all. I'm so screwed.
Girl2: How bad is it? On a scale of one to dead?
Girl1: Definitely dead. My mum's gonna kill me.
by antimorph June 09, 2007
The opposite of a come on, a get off is a series of social cues and body language used to discourage an unattractive or otherwise undesirable suitor. Get offs are typically used by young females in clubs and may include activities such as clustering in large groups to avoid detection, hugging or otherwise feigning interest in friends (or, in desperate situations, complete strangers who seem friendly), disappearing off to the toilets for very long periods of time, talking loudly about old boyfriends, studiously avoiding eye contact and, as a last resort, telling said suitor to fuck off. These signals may be misinterpetted by a particularly verenthusiastic or idiotc suitor, at which point the ancient technique of the bitch slap comes into play.
Variants include geddoff, getoff and getafuckoff.
Guy1: Did you see that? Dude, she is so giving me the come on.
Guy2: What, by giving you the finger?
Guy1: I guess that's a get off, then.
by antimorph June 09, 2007
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