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Similar to Jet Lag; the dull and sleepy sensation one gets from taking a long test. Ranges from Minor Test Lag to Intense Test Lag.
Betty-Marie fell asleep as soon as she got home; she had some Major Test Lag!
by anti.DOT December 17, 2009
The act of braking down a problem into pieces or making it seem more complex than it is to make one seem smarter than everyone else.

It is only used for the purpose to make one seem smarter than everyone else.
Josh was using Elementation to impress the ladies...

Josh: And then we take the pie away from the 3x+17 and then cube it twice and then we get 24... and Jane was the murderer!

Alyssa: Oh my God, you're so smart!

Josh: It's elementary, my dear.
by anti.DOT September 28, 2009
God's human form other than Chuck Norris, Jesus is the ultimate Zombie killing machine.
The Holy Trinity: The Father, Chuck Norris, The Holy Ghost, and Jesus
by anti.DOT September 24, 2009

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