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a shady, legitimate-looking scam that uses horrific events in africa to raise money for their own selfish interests. The fact that kony has been in hiding for 6 years, that the LRA currently numbers only a few hundred people, and the fact that only 32% of their funding actually goes to direct aid all points to some form of selfish use of the human emotions for personal gain. Even then, that direct aid involves funding rival militias and government armies all guilty of numerous human rights violations. There is already a manhunt for kony, your money is doing nothing to further that cause.
Teenager-omg kony 2012 i'm changing the world

wise one- bitch can it, Invisible children is just a scam designed to guilt-trip people out of their money using the plight of the victims of a now retired brutal warlord.
by anti-scampaigner March 09, 2012

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