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A Penny Dome Hai Bitch is a male that eats pussy for pennies. The standard wages are currently 3 pennies for an hour of service (hence the title; Penny Dome). However, due to the current economy, prices can be negotiated and its not uncommon to get an hour of service for as low as 1 or 2 pennies.

Anybody can become a penny dome hai bitch provided that the individual is willing to eat pussy of all shapes and smells. He must also be willing to provide the service even if the woman he is pleasing has a certain type of disease involving her vagina. The man providing the service can't say no, or else a fee of 1 penny is deducted from the charge.
Jessica: man, i need someone to eat me out.
James: do you have 3 pennies? I got this Penny Dome Hai Bitch on speed dial and he'll eat you for 3 pennies
Jessica: sure, why not? I can spare 3 pennies.
by anti-penny dome hai bitchism March 15, 2010

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