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I am not a teenage parent myself but i do have many friends and family members who have had a child at a young age. whilst i do believe that teenage parents should live their life before creating another I do not believe that we as a nation are so narrow minded to believe that all teenage parents are idiots. there lives among us many evil adult parents that put thier children through hell and in some cases cause the death of their own child, with this in mind who has the right to say what age is correct. I feel that if a child is brought into this world and is cared for and loved, despite the age of the parent this person should be applauded. Also maybe we as a nation need to find a solution in helping these teenage parents create a better life for themselves and their child. moreover comments stated that suggest that teenage parents should drive a knife through their stomach to rid themselves of their child or they should use a rusty coat hanger to create thier own at home abortion should be eradicated. individuals stating comments such as these need to consider their own level of maturity before commenting on the maturity of a teenage parent.
a teen parent should live their life before creating another. however my comment does not suggest that individuals comments which i have read are in any way acceptable
by anti-hurtful statements April 06, 2009
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