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1 definition by anti-freedom

Freedom high school is the rebound students that transfered from Broad Run high. All students that were nobodies became a somebody and made a name for themselves when attended at Freedom, known as home-wrekcers- sluts- wanna-be gangster freshmans- and wanna-be drugies. Freedoms sports team are known as a joke. Freedom high school is also known for the stupid blacks and spanish who think they're "hard-core gangsterszzz". As far as their football team, well no comment on that becuase having JH and AL on their team is already embarrassing enough seeing as they were caught fucking in the girls locker room befor game. FUCK Freedom high and everyone that goes there. Well Freedom high do carry a few ok kids there.
ps- by far the biggest slut (AD) in the U.S attend freedom high, when the guy pulled out after getting done fucking the bitch in the ass, he notice shit and seaseme seeds on his dick.
Freedom high School:population of freedom students carry many sexual diseases-

boy: can i fuck you.
slut: you read my mind.
boy: *pull pants down* is that crabs?
by anti-freedom October 07, 2006