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1 definition by anti-antiman22

The greatest scam artist who ever lived.he knows to fuck people out of they'er money so elaborately, if your actually stupid enough to fall for his sorry excuse for a religion "scientology" you need to wake up and look how stupid it is.
hes was a science fiction wrighter! who says "these are the wright way to cure drug addictions through hippnotising i mean aduiting".the truth is all his littile claims to be the right way can be simply and rationly explained whithout much thought.
dude1:to me l.ron hubbard is a prophet

dude2: to me hes bullshit scam artist

dude1:we are going to sue you!!!

dude2:yea proves my point exactly you scaming communist morons.....
by anti-antiman22 January 01, 2010