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3 definitions by anthony_anatomy

The act of avoiding other things by inventing proquestions.
Chandler: What the hell is ross doing?
Joey: he's caught in Proquestionation.
Chandler: but he's supposed to get married again today.
by anthony_anatomy April 28, 2009
(n) a conjunction of sorts that combines a whole sentence into a one word question.

also see proquestionation.
Vanilla Ice: Hey broham, shaduupin?
Bouncer: What?
Vanilla Ice: Shaduupin, it's a proquestion that means What are you doing.
Bouncer: dont talk to me
by anthony_anatomy April 28, 2009
Things that exist or were invented or created at different times by different people but none-the-less, go perfectly together.
Gal Drinking a Latte: Dude, coffee is my fucking theme song.

Guy one: I think I found a girl i'm finally happy with.

Guy two: sounds like she's your theme song man.

by anthony_anatomy February 25, 2009