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a "lerdbanger" is a term that means to squat over a females breasts after sexual intercourse and dump on her breasts rather than squirting jizz in her face
" excuse me hun do you mind if i bang a lerd on your chest"....which is the example of lerdbanger which is the past tense
by anthony kinder January 21, 2008
the phrase "the mcghee factor" is simply a tall skinny guy wearing tight t-shirts who very often stays quiet during the night time just so he doesnt have to go the bar for his friends... normally the round consists of.. two bottles of miller, a pint of strongbow and carling, an amaretto an coke and a h20 for the queen... normally costing in the region of £14.70...However this seems too much for the "the mcghee factor"
ant: i hate the way i have to do this sometimes..."the mcghee factor" put your hands in your pocket and get the round in.
matty: hes not related to me he's a minge bag
lee: use are cheeky cunts, i always go the bar
james: nah
kev: haha
mcloughlin: shut up kev you midget
by anthony kinder January 22, 2008

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