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A musroom explosion is when the the head of a man's genitalia explodes, leaking brownish-red cream.
Dude, when we were upstairs, my mushroom exploded and she drank the cream from it.
by Anthony December 15, 2003
he owns all of bnet
by Anthony June 02, 2003
Person that sits in a bathtub, farts, then bites at the bubbles
Chris's breath smells like shit because he's a pilfer.
by Anthony April 03, 2005
Wayne is agg,agg is wayne
Wayne is the aggest in the world..anyone else who trys to be agg is just not agg
by Anthony December 15, 2004
1.A slut
2.A woman who feasts on sperm
3.A woman who likes sex alot
That whore must be a real sperminator
by Anthony October 14, 2003
The after pee poop- the pee that you take after dropping off a huge load of poop in the toilet. Better then an orgasm because you experience full bliss with nothing leading up to it to get you prepared.
I dropped a huge load in the toilet and then unloaded a huge APP.
by Anthony July 15, 2003
The act of scouting out a bathroom at your place of work before pooping.
I did a fly by of the 3rd floor men's room at it appears to be a safe haven.
by Anthony June 08, 2004

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