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Another name for the ever-declining Dugout forum of ShowdownCards.com.
http:// showdowncards.com /forums/ forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=14
by Anthony March 08, 2005
a crude word for an african american
you stupid fungi
by anthony August 15, 2003
A fat bastard with a mutilated back
by Anthony July 06, 2003
This is the action of displaying a small area of your scrotum and exclaming "iew I sat in gum" as if your scrotum was a piece of gum.
During class:

Mr. Jones: "So let's take it again from the--"
Student: "Iew Mr. Jones I sat in a little bitta gum!"
by Anthony May 13, 2005
Oral sex performed on a male.

Can be substituted with:
-head piece
-wiglaf dome
-dome lid
"That poor Sean spilled his vanilla milkshake only after a minute of a taste domeburger at McCormicks."
by Anthony May 13, 2005
It is a mixture of a male bitch and an ashole.
Don't be a bisnatch.
by Anthony January 29, 2004
see shit
o dit nigga!
by Anthony September 06, 2003

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