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The time just before going out when a hairbrush is being frantically sought to groom one's hair.
The way I cope with brush hour is to go into my mum's bedroom and use her brush!
#brush #hour #hair #comb #groom
by antbee November 06, 2007
The Bealtes were a British boy band that copied the more famous Beatles, the Lead singer was named CAT Spandex. He was known for his scratchy voice, thick spectacles, leather chaps and flashy purple cape. His slow downward spiral into intense internet gaming led to the eventual dissolution of the band.
setlaeB is spelled backwards, commonly misspelled Beatles, Bingo Car, not Ringo Star was the drummer.
Spandex was the lead singer of the Bealtes
#set beetles beeatles #beatles #beach boys #buhahha #buddha
by AntBee October 29, 2007
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