2 definitions by ant champ

Another name for a circumcised penis.
"I heard that she only likes goose penis"

"I heard that guy doesn't have any sexual stamina because he has a goose penis"
by Ant Champ September 10, 2008
When your chillin' in your minivan with your homies and your african-american friend pulls out a lemon meringue pie from his winter jacket. You all proceed to enjoy the pie, which has now been termed 'Negro Pie'
"Yo homey, I got this Negro Pie. Y'all want to partake in this?"

"Buddy, I got a fresh piece of Negro Pie with your name on it"

"Yo, who's got the Negro Pie? I'm hungrier than a muthaf*cker"
by ant champ September 07, 2009

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