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68 definitions by ant

see ya when I see ya .... netslang
Have a happy new year

by ant December 30, 2005
MKeaning to fuck every Friday Night on a regular basis.
Right, I've got an erection, time to work on our Friday Night Project!
by Ant April 11, 2005
An idiot, lil bro that u want to beat the living shat out of all the time.
the flumpus pissed me off so much that i tied him to a chair and pissed on his face.
by ant April 02, 2004
the black way of spelling inactive
TNG are innactive
Rammy is not innactivly racist
by Ant December 02, 2003
A bajillion million.
Q is in a squillion channels
by Ant December 21, 2003
A crazy member of an awsome clan
A pyhsco
by ant November 20, 2003
girls should smoke weed
g s s w girls should smoke weed
by ant March 09, 2003