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modified behavioural patterns/experience in human beings in order to accommodate the requirements of technology - for example - you have to put your hand in front of a sensor at the tap in order to have a drink of water and assume an odd and ungainly position.
We need to make this product user friendly and eliminate too much technosurdia.

I'm fed up with technosurdia in shops - I had to wait 15 minutes for the card reader to accept my credit card.

Computer says 'no' - is a great comic example of technosurdia.
by anotheratheist June 27, 2009
making money from and cynically exploiting unemployed/employed people by forcing them to constantly update qualifications, jump hoops, pay to work, attend job seeker interviews, accept unsuitable employment etc.
A massive student debt and then years of jobsploitation to look forward to - I wouldn't like to be a young person these days!
by anotheratheist May 02, 2010
a place (usually in the countryside) which is completely free from man made noise
Oh fantastic - we've entered a hushzone - I can't hear the road anymore, just the wonderful bird song

Why is it that whenever there is a hushzone, people feel the need to disturb it by mowing their lawn, trimming their hedge, or chainsawing a tree?
by anotheratheist June 27, 2009

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