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Is more than a simple douchebag, he is so well defined as a douche, he gets a box with 6 perfectly aligned sides to perfectly fit, and define, the area that is his douche being.

Facial skin is legitimately ashamed to be carbon related to his being and has given up trying to keep up appearances, and you can honestly hear the 200mph tornado of wind tunnel that exists between his left and right ears.

Exhibits the look of utter cluelessness, open mouth breathing, blank stare, comatose, ignorant, drunk, empty, drained, shit filled, long range stare in his face.
Order of precedence: Douche, Douchebag, King of Douchebaggary, Douchebox.

He's more than just a douche. More than the King of Douchebaggary, he's a freakin' Douchebox!

Where is that douchebox?

Hey! You! Douchebox! Stop breathing! You're stealing my oxygen!
by another douche July 07, 2012

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