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3 definitions by anoralsexbitch

The harbinger of a turtle head: a moist gust of excrement-scented wind, with an unwelcome surprise right behind it...
"Hmm. That smells like turtle's breath. Excuse me for a moment."
by anoralsexbitch April 20, 2006
The rhyme recited by UK Beaver Scouts "I promise to do my best / To be kind and helpful / And to love God", accompanied by a three-fingered salute.

The salute may also be employed in later life in other promising situations involving beaver.
She knows I'm a decent guy, I gave her the Beaver Promise.
by anoralsexbitch April 20, 2006
The sight of the labia manually spread apart. Usually seen in amateur pornography or gynaecology textbooks.
"The housewife pulled batwings at the camera, revealing her genital herpes."
by anoralsexbitch February 22, 2006